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For most people and organizations there are scholarships to be found. We have information about scholarships not easily found in other places - for example by search engines or at the library. Send a request to us!


For those of you studying or planning to study the possibilities of finding scholarships are very good. With our help you can not only find well-known scholarships but also forgotten and hidden ones which you are eligible for.


This category of scholarships includes support for poor, sick, handicapped and for the common good. The latter category comprises everything from maintenance of historically significant buildings to education and social security. It is a wide category within which there are good possibilities to find scholarships.


All culturally active people should search for scholarships. Whether you are a musician, artist, craftsman, dancer or active within another cultural field there are many scholarships. Both aspiring and established artists can find something for help them with their finances.

Travel Grants

With confidence we argue that our database is unequaled for its quantity of travel grants. We have 1000:s of scholarships for study, research, culture and other things for those interested in travelling to and staying in another country for this. There are scholarships both for those planning a stay abroad and for those who already are abroad.

Description of Services

Description of Services

We match your profile with our database to find relevant scholarships. This is how it works:

  • Register your profile by filling out our form.
  • We find matching scholarships and send you a message about how many we found.
  • You decide if you want to order the information. If you don't want to order it costs you nothing.
  • Upon paying the fee of 25 EUR we will send you the information electronically.


The latest beneficiary of the scholarship has been chosen. Read more about the scholar.

Apply for our annual scholarship. every year hands out a scholarship with the value 500 EUR to someone who has sent in our application form.