We find scholarships by searching in our database which contains about 20000 scholarships which are of public interest. On our website there is  an  form which you fill out and send to us by clicking on the 'Send' button. By doing this you are not obliged to pay anything. Read more.

Many scholarships in our database are also intended for others. There are, for example, scholarships for

  • Social Needs
  • Medical Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Voluntary Work
  • Special Occupations
Yes, we can help both individuals and organizations. Associations, companies, institutions and other organizations can use our normal form . Enter information about the organization in the field other at the bottom of the form.
Normally you can apply for scholarships even if you have already started the activity you are looking for scholarships for. It depends on what rules each scholarship functions under.
There are scholarships for everything from a few hundred to millions. The biggest amounts are usually for research projects. Premiums for high school study and small scholarships for various purposes can be as small as a hundred Euros. for university studies the amounts are usually between 100 and 200 Euros. for higher level study and for study abroad there are scholarship of up to 100 thousand.
It's difficult to find scholarships on your own. Many are in fact well-known and easy to find with, for example, search engines, but the competition for these is tough. We can usually find lesser known scholarships which are easier to get.
We have over 20 thousand scholarships in our database and thereby we have most scholarships in the countries where we are active. All scholarships we have registered are of interest to the general public. Apart from this there is a great number of foundations and scholarships not aimed at the general public. There are for example scholarships which support a certain museum or improvements of a park.
We normally send a pdf-file to the e-mail address you registered in the application form. If you change e-mail address then you can let us know by means of or 'contact page'.
For individuals and organizations the price is 25 EUR.
A scholarship is money paid out to individuals or organizations to promote a purpose. Read more
No, this is a reminder and a message that you still have the possibility to order the information about which scholarships we have found for you.
Yes, that is no problem. You can specify in the field 'other' that you want to search for scholarships from more than one country.
If you are a citizen of a certain country then it is normally not a requirement to be a resident in your own country to be able to apply for scholarships from your country of citizenship. Such requirements mostly occur among scholarships which require that applicants should be living in a certain city or region.
Individuals who are permanent residents of a country are usually eligible to apply for scholarships in that country. You are well-advised to check with the administrator of the scholarship before submitting an application. Temporary residents can normally only apply for scholarships specifically destined for this group.
Read the following instructions on how to link to
There is in most countries no registration or reporting of scholarships paid  and they are normally not taxable. It is not possible to find out who has received a scholarship by searching in some public register. Many foundations and organizations nevertheless publish who has received their scholarships on webpages or in newspapers. It might therefore be possible to find out who has received a scholarship by means of search engines.


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