Instructions for using our services.

  • Fill out the form on this website. It can be found under 'Application Form'. When done push the button 'Send Form'
  • Everyone who sends in our form is simultaneously applying for our scholarship. It is paid out on the 1st of June each year, After about one week you will get a notification concerning how many scholarships we have found that match your profile. You will then also receive information about how payment can be made. You then decide whether you want to make the payment and order the information or if you wish to refrain from ordering. If you do refrain from ordering you can always change your mind and order at a later point in time.
  • When we have received confirmation that payment has been made we will send you the information. It normally takes one week from the payment date. The information is normally sent by email and contains contact information and information about application procedure and general information about the scholarships.
  • The price for our services are 25 EUR. You do not oblige yourself to any payment by submitting our form.

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